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New York meets Berlin 2019 in "Back to Back"

"Back to Back"

Galerie Kunstwerkberlin Kirchstraße 1 Berlin, Germany Opening Reception: April 27, 2019 7pm

Back to Back

Presenting art together across three continents. Back to Back – encourages artists to support each other and live creativity while allowing new experiences to awaken creative visions. We are sure visitors will find many new and exciting art experiences at this year’s New York meets Berlin exhibition.

Long-standing exhibition alternates between America and Berlin Artists from Berlin and New York exhibit their works for the tenth time. Paintings, sculpture, drawings, installations, collages, and experimental works are on display. The venue changes annually between Berlin and New York. This year the exhibit is at the Berlin gallery KunstWerkberlin.

The expert jury An expert jury on both sides selects works of art with exciting results. This year’s jurors include, from New York, Vida Sabbaghi, Executive Director of COPE NYC, and from Berlin, the jurors are KunstWerkberlin gallery owner, Matyas Varga, and, Romy Campe, founder of Kunstleben Berlin.

New York meets Berlin: partnership, exchange, and mutual support The project “New York meets Berlin” was originally initiated by Kunstleben Berlin and Skylight Gallery NYC. Since then, the project has evolved. New to the program are plans to integrate COPE NYC Artists in Residence on both continents. Our common goal is to connect the art capitals of Berlin and New York. We want to be a platform for artists who venture into the international art scene and present their art to an open-minded audience.

The following artists are participating: New York: Carla Goldberg, Lisa Zukowski and Renee Phillips Berlin: Anastasia Obaregbe, Hanna Hennenkemper, Hans-Peter Stark, MASCH and Romy Campe Artist in Residence: For the first time at „New York meets Berlin“ there will be an artist in residence. This year it will be the renowned Taiwanese artist, Tseng Ying-Tung.

New York meets Berlin 2019 – Back to Back

Opening: 27.04.2019 um 19 Uhr Exhibition: 28.04. – 25.05.2019 Location: Galerie KunstWerkberlin, Kirchstraße 1, 10557 Berlin

"Clootie 5", Fabric, 48" x 84", 2019

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