Recent Work


Shelter is a refuge, a respite from anxiety.
Shelter is a haven, a safe place.
Shelter is a house, a home, a place where you belong.
Shelter is a cove, a way to hide away.
Shelter is a retreat, an escape from the everyday.
Shelter is an escape from troubles and problems.
Shelter is protection,a  womb, a cocoon, a cave.

Fragments 2

Painstick on Cardboard


Fragments @

The panels in this series represent layers of belongings that accumulate over time. Redaction is an attempt to reach a synthesis of the past with the present: repurposing and making do with what we already have, editing to achieve transformation.

Impedimenta 4

Paintstick on Raw Canvas, Tar Paper, Vintage Tin



A series of freestanding mixed media figures.

2017 - 2018

Reveler 5

Mixed Media (encaustic, tar, fiber, cotton crochet thread, plaster cloth)

15.25 cm